Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Created Organic


Mother Nature Seeks Balance

Mother Nature seeks balance and Mother Nature will have balance.  Sometimes it is as simple as adapting a species here or a species there to a new condition.  Other times it’s the extinction of species or completely new ones evolving.  Still in other times, perhaps because things are more drastic, the whole of nature changes and Mass Extinction Events occur.  History is rife with examples of each. 

Human beings are the first species in this great ecosystem we call Earth with the ability to create a Mass Extinction Event.  We as humans are also the first with the knowledge and ability to prevent such an event from occurring.  Which way we will go remains to be seen.

Nature in its purest sense is organic in nature.  Our great Mother Nature was created organic as were all living things that have ever existed in nature.  Since Mother Nature was created organic, then we can assume that Mother Nature was intended to be organic and we as a species should do everything in our power to make sure our good mother gets what she wants so we can live in harmony with her.

Our world was Created Organic and was intended to be organic; join us in restoring Mother Nature’s beautiful plan!

More than seven billion people

Seven continents

Two thousand Islands

One hundred ninety six countries

More than seventy distinct religious faiths

One planet

One ocean

One atmosphere

One sun

One great ecosystem

Created Organic

© 2013 Richard E. Robinson


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