Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One of the Many Thought Processes Behind Created Organic

When I first dreamed up the concept of “Created Organic” one of my thought processes was to create a platform where the organic industry could promote itself in a positive light.  I have been involved with organic foods in one form or another for the better part of fifteen years but really just adopted what I would call an organic lifestyle about three years ago.  The image I had always associated with organic people was that of “tree-huggers” and “granola-crunchers” who looked and acted a little odd. 

To my knowledge the organic industry to date has not done much to change that very widely held image.  All that I seem to hear from people in the industry are complaints about some of the “Devil” corporations out there making the world unhealthy.  While I agree with the point of view; I don’t think it is the best way to promote the good that is the organic food, clothing and cosmetics industry.  I thought to myself there is so much more to organics than “tree-hugging”, “granola-crunching” and “everyone else is bad” why not get something going to change the image and promote organic lifestyles to a world that really needs to change.

We have all seen fast food, snack food, soda, etc. commercials with happy healthy looking people imbibing the advertised products, having fun and perhaps some great romantic suggestion.  The reality is the people using these products heavily, often aren’t all that healthy, tend to be overweight or more accurately obese, have high blood pressure, at least borderline diabetes and by the time they’re in their forties probably aren’t capable of great romance without chemical enhancements of course if their hearts are healthy enough.

People living an organic lifestyle on the other hand tend to stay looking younger longer, have more energy, are less apt to be overweight, type II diabetes virtually doesn’t exist and great romance goes on and on.  If the fast food industry can suggest that eating a heavily processed and empty calorie laden meal at their establishment will bring health, happiness and romance; we should do this as an industry that really can help with all of these things?  Imagine ads with great looking people having fun, eating healthy foods and it’s the true image of people who follow this lifestyle…

More than seven billion people

Seven continents

Two thousand Islands

One hundred ninety six countries

Seventy some odd distinct religious faiths

One planet

One ocean

One atmosphere

One sun

One great ecosystem

Created Organic

© 2013 Richard E. Robinson

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