Monday, June 17, 2013

“Created Organic” Doing Our Part One Step at a Time

“Created Organic” Doing Our Part One Step at a Time

June 17, 2013

Dear Reader,

We as individuals may not be able to control the world but we do have the ability to shape the things around us.  Good things tend to spread and when we make our community stronger we have the ability to create a better life in our communities and beyond.

Saturday morning a good friend who happens to live in across the street and I tore out the grass strip in front of my house that the city owns and we maintain.  We turned the soil, mixed in some organic compost and new top soil and started the process of planting a garden.  The purpose of this garden is to grow fruits and vegetables for our neighborhood to use and enjoy.  Our hope is that people will enjoy the relatively free and healthy food that we create and join in the fun; which in turn should help to build a sense of community and promote healthy organic food.
During, that's Eric on the left and me on the right.

The idea for this garden comes from a video that I watched recently that I found truly inspirational.  As, the purpose of Created Organic is to promote organic living and its positive influence on our health and the health of the world, the garden just seemed like a natural.   

The actual planting should take place a little later this week after we finish amending the soil.  Since we are starting late we will probably start mostly with seedlings from the nursery and a few seeds and will hope to go completely from seeds that we start in the fall.  Of course updates will be forthcoming…


More than seven billion people

Seven continents

Two thousand Islands

One hundred ninety six countries

More than seventy distinct religious faiths

One planet

One ocean

One atmosphere

One sun

One great ecosystem

Created Organic

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