Monday, July 1, 2013

More than Seven Billion People

More than seven billion people

Seven continents

Two thousand Islands

One hundred ninety six countries

More than seventy distinct religious faiths

One planet

One ocean

One atmosphere

One sun

One great ecosystem

Created Organic

What does this statement mean and why do I like to put it at the end of my posts?  The answer is both very complicated and very simple.  Created Organic started as a marketing idea for a product I developed a couple of years ago when I started learning about and appreciating what organic means.  To say that our family has learned and changed dramatically for the better since then would be a huge understatement.  With those changes the term “Created Organic” has taken on much more meaning and the statement that goes with it came into being.
There are more than seven billion people inhabiting our beautiful planet.  Those seven billion people live on the seven continents and roughly two thousand islands all of which comprise at present 196 countries.  There are more than seventy distinctly recognized religious faiths and I would go so far as to believe there are more than seven billion distinctly different; yet quite similar, views as to how this beautiful world came into being and how we as human beings got here.  My personal belief is that every single one of them is correct and I respect them to include those with whom I do not necessarily agree.
Thinking about all of these people from all these different lands with all these different backgrounds, customs, belief systems and views; some of which are quite violently opposed, I thought to myself, what do we have in common?  We all live on the same planet.  This beautiful planet which we call Earth has one great ocean with many names but if we look at the globe we can see it is one great continuous body of water that surrounds us all.  There is but one atmosphere containing the air that we all collectively breathe and that also serves to protect us from the harmful rays that come from our sun; while allowing the good ones in that make life possible. 
In my very humble opinion our world in its most pristine and natural state is organic in nature.  Therefore, regardless of one’s belief system I would hope we can all agree that however this beautiful planet was created it and all of the life on it is indeed “Created Organic”. 
Much more to come…  Remember it’s the differences that make us beautiful!
© 2013 Richard E. Robinson


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