Sunday, May 4, 2014

Shopping the Created Organic Way

Have you ever walked in to a store to pick up supplies for your dinner or a ready-made meal and wondered what’s in your food?  Since I took a nutrition class while I was in college years ago and learned about preservatives, colors, agricultural chemicals, hormones, nutrition density and their correlation to health, I have. 

Did you know that the number one “All Natural” strawberry and raspberry flavors are made from a beaver’s anal glands?  Are you kidding me!  We don’t do “All Natural Flavors” in our house and we won’t do “All Natural Flavors” in Created Organic Centers!
In our centers you will find that the only thing that tastes like a ripe strawberry in your food is a ripe strawberry.  Same with raspberries, peaches, blueberries, kale, passion fruit, pomegranate or anything else that we produce and sell.  Every product we produce will be completely organic (organic seed, organic plant food, clean water, etc.).  Our chief agricultural designer Chris says “if you can’t put it in your mouth it doesn’t belong anywhere near the greenhouse” in terms of what goes into his plants.  I believe every ingredient and not just the ones that are more than 1% of the mix as the FDA dictates should be listed. 
You see in my view convenience foods should also be whole foods and if my customers have the time and want to cook for themselves they’re free to know my recipes.  In my fifteen years in the foods industry I have developed, marketed and placed more than fifty products, it might be closer to a hundred but I lose count (ready to eat, ready to cook or ready to use as an ingredient) into retail and foodservice operations.  The primary guiding principle I use has always been “if I wouldn’t feed it to my family I won’t feed it to any other family” it’s just that simple.  It hasn’t always been 100% organic as I just started on what I call my organic journey about four years ago but we strive for that now at home and Created Organic certainly will be.

So whether you pick-up fresh cut pomegranate arils, frozen mangos, fresh or frozen asparagus, fresh or dehydrated kale, kale chips, chard chips, fresh ready to cook stir fry mix, frozen stir fry mix, prepared salads, soups, chili, seasoning blends, SuperNatural Pops (will debut at Created Organic see ), sauces or anything else you may find in the store to include shampoo, soaps, lotions, clothing, cleaning supplies, etc. rest assured it’s all organic, clean and made with love.

From our family to yours, Cheers!

More than seven billion people
Seven continents
Two thousand Islands
One hundred ninety six countries
One Earth
One ocean
One atmosphere
One sun
One great ecosystem
Created Organic
© 2014 Richard E. Robinson

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